BTI Implant System: Discover

Series of lectures in which you can learn about our products, technology and working philosophy. In addition, you will be able to connect live with a product expert to ask your questions.

In this course, thought out and designed for new BTI users, you will be able to learn about fundamental aspects of BTI products. It consists of a series of conferences in which you will be able to learn about our products, our technology and our working philosophy.

You will learn about the principles of Endoret® (PRGF®), the versatility of CORE implants, and the diagnostic advantages offered by BTI-SCAN®. You can also learn about CAD-CAM technology and the wide range of prosthodontic possibilities offered by BTI.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to connect in a live session with a product expert to clarify your doubts about the products.


*When possible, this course can be completed in person at the Eduardo Anitua Institute (Vitoria) with different workshops on the topics covered in the online course.


What are the contents of the course?

  • 5 recorded lectures that you can watch whenever you want, as many times as you need
  • A live session with a product expert to raise your questions about BTI products and technology
  • A demo version of the BTI Scan planning software

What should I do?

  1. Register (first you need to log in to the client area)
  2. We will automatically give you access to the recorded lectures
  3. View these videos before the live session
  4. On the scheduled day, access the private class via the link you will see on the course
  5. Ask any questions you may have while viewing the videos or trying out the planning software
  6. If you liked it and have more questions, check out the training website to attend new editions of this course (you must register for each edition you want to participate)